By their extreme nature, off-road endurance rallies are a unique adventure that can truly showcase the reliability and durability of a brand. Off-road rallies are a way to elevate sportsmanship and skill, while creating a rich motorsport story filled with adventure.

T2 Class Rally Car

T2 Class Rally Car

Our LAP cross country rally car is powered by a 3.5 V6, 4-wheel drive torque and on demand powertrain, capable of covering a 500 kilometer range.

LAP Mission Dakar

In the 2018 season, LAP Motorsports will field multiple T2 class production-based rally cars in several off-road cross country rally races. Driven by our passion for rally racing, LAP will build, prep, and upgrade the rally car throughout the Sonora, San Felipe 250, and Baja 500 rallies as preparation to take on the Dakar in 2019. The T2 Class is a production-based vehicle with FIA spec safety equipment and limited performance upgrades. LAP has amassed ample experience in off road racing and has won in their class in every SCORE International event since 2014.

LAP’s driver lineup consists of driver Luis Perocarpi with co-driver Mark Wells and driver Rob Ridgely with co-driver Zdravko Miric. LAP is proud to partner with Yokohama Tire, KW Suspension, OMP and Antistatic Design as they embark on this challenge.

Our Partners

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